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This is not to be confused with TIDE, a jEdit plugin that has similar features. http://torqueide.sourceforge.net

torque-ide Project News

torque-ide no longer in development, for the moment (perma-link)

Not to long ago, I had to drop development on the torque-ide in favor of "real life" and other projects. Anyone that wants to work on this project, or is willing to port it, still feel free to contact me. I wanted to get at least wxNotebook support in this before I stopped, but you can't have everything... -Robert

torque-ide 0.1 Released! (perma-link)

On Monday, at 11:50 PM EST, the torque-ide 0.1 was released. In this release is: -- Syntax Highlighting (C++ and TorqueSCRIPT) -- Notepad-like functionality (no searching abilities yet) -- Windows only (Mac version by 0.2) That should be all. Robert Pierce Project Admin

First Release Imminent! (perma-link)

I had a very nice weekend. I learned more about wxWidgets and I almost finished the TorqueSCRIPT functions of the editor. By next monday, 02/14/05, a beta or stable release will be made. As of 8:45 PM (EST) 02/07/05, there is a working (Win32) version in the CVS repository.

torque-ide :: Site! (perma-link)

http://torque-ide.sourceforge.net This is the location of our forums and main site, soon to have information.

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